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Forrest Rodts is an avid sailor who translates his passion for sailing into incredible paintings of sailboats and coastal vistas. Through an exploration of our country's sailing tradition, Forrest captures the drama of breathtaking sunsets, explosive skies, sparkling blue seas and peaceful views. He combines color, light and meticulous draftsmanship in finely detailed landscapes, seascapes and still lifes that reflect his long-standing affection for the Atlantic coastline.


Linda Roberts is an internationally-renowned watercolor artist whose work inspires lovers of fine art worldwide. Her command of the watercolor medium is evident in her masterful portrayal of majestic vistas, intimate still life paintings, and portrayals of everyday life. She conveys these vivid impressions simply, using transparent colors, softened textures, and finite detail.


Carol Saxe is an award-winning artist whose paintings and prints are sold worldwide. She strives for a unique and fresh view in her  representational visions of coastal landscapes, architecture, and dogs. Her attention to detail delights the eye. Peconic Bay Originals is proud to be an exclusive worldwide licensee of Carol Saxe's art.


We love Doug Reina for the distinctive coastal scenes that he paints - historic houses, boats, cottages, and beaches. His artistic technique is superb. He has a beautiful way of capturing the textures of the subjects that he paints - the rippling of the water, the smoothness of a boat hull, the softness of the sand. Doug was raised in a family of artists and studied with notable painters Joseph Reboli and Christian White. Doug's favorite method of painting is outdoors on location, or plein air painting, as it is often called.


Michael Killelea is a U.S. Navy veteran and an avid outdoorsman, two parts of his spirit which are reflected in the dance of light and shadows throughout the wide natural world he paints. He is an inveterate plein air painter who feels that the watercolor medium is most alive when painting on location and he takes delight in sharing that joy with others. He travels extensively, almost always with paint and brush, recording his impressions of people and places around the world.


Jennifer Black has been drawing and painting since childhood. After earning a degree in art, she honed her skills studying with nationally-known artists.  Jennifer says, "The way light falls on objects is what fascinates me and is what I look for when choosing a subject." Peconic Bay Originals is proud to be the exclusive licensee of Jennifer Black’s art.


We love the way Elizabeth Greaf layers a lot of details into her watercolors while still achieving a loose, relaxed style. She is a master at using watercolors to paint landscapes. Elizabeth began her study of art at age seven, when she began taking painting lessons. She says, "My paintings search for the essence of the attraction to the scene and capture it in an artistic manner that enables the viewer to visit that spot and linger as long as he or she desires." Her artwork is found in many collections across the U.S. and internationally.


Colorado Artist, Ken Voss, exhibits a variety of styles that operate within him all at once. His urban creations speak for themselves, from the back of a yellow taxi, or the noisy sidewalk of a busy city street. About his art, Ken Voss says: "Art has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Over the years I've explored many different subjects in a variety of techniques, but I always enjoy painting the color and energy that I find during my trips to New York City."After earning his art degree from a local college back in 1989,  he spent four years studying traditional drawing and painting at The Art Students League of Denver.


Ohio Artist,  Renie Britenbucher has been painting for over 35 years in many different areas. She prefers humor, light-heartedness and whimsy. Her love for intense color and contrast gives her whimsical folk art paintings a unique, creative aspect and she hopes, her artwork brings a sense of joy, wonder, and magic to the  viewer. She is a internationally collected, award winning, full time painter and self-represented artist.


Damon Crook is a research entomologist working and living in Cape Cod MA. He likes to show that watercolor can be as bright and vibrant as any other art media. His artfully detailed paintings are influenced by the surrounding Cape Cod sea life. He studied watercolor painting in Kent England whilst doing research for his PhD. in Zoology. He has done several illustrations for university museums and academic institutions. He recently designed the poster for the Cape’s annual and prestigious ‘Falmouth Road Race’ and has shown original work in several local, juried art shows. 


Sarah Greenier enjoys painting scenes that express the quiet simplicity of coastal life. She paints outdoors along the coast during the summer months.  Sarah says, “I find color to be my greatest inspiration, and morning and evening light most compelling.” Peconic Bay Originals is proud to be the exclusive licensee of Sarah Greenier’s art.


Connecticut artist Janet Zeh is an avid gardener and lover of the outdoors as well as a painter. She uses flowers from her garden and scenes from New England and her travels as inspiration for her paintings. Janet has been painting professionally since 1997. Her watercolor and oil nature paintings are in collections throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Russia and Australia. Describing her art, Janet says: “I create paintings that you can step into or feel you can reach out and touch; that awaken the spirit to the wonders of creation.  My joy in creating and sharing the beauty of nature never fades." 


We think you'll love Michele Usibelli's art for her rich color palette and thick, flowing brushstrokes. She is an expressive painter and she communicates beautifully the warmth of the scenes she paints. Michele works primarily in oils, and her painting style is a blend of representational and impressionist. She has extensively studied and been influenced by numerous historic artists, most notably, Nicholai Fechin, John Singer Sargent and William Merritt Chase. Her artwork has been shown in numerous regional, national and international juried exhibitions. 


Carolyn Bucha is an award-winning watercolorist known for her exquisite portrayals of coastal, country and floral scenes. We love her charming paintings of quaint seaside cottages, country farm stands, and colorful gardens. Through her paintings, Carolyn hopes to evoke the peace and happiness she feels when surrounded by beauty. She accomplishes this goal through her wonderful sense of color and her amazing ability to capture the nuances of light hitting a scene. Born in England, Carolyn’s artistic style has been influenced by her years living abroad. Her work has been widely exhibited and she has authored and illustrated numerous books.


Mary Ellen Golden, a North Carolina native, began painting in oil and acrylics before discovering the excitment of the watercolor medium. The beauty of the world around us is Mary Ellen Golden’s favorite subject and she loves the process of seeing the flow of the wet pigments. She teaches classes in watercolor technique and is a member of the Wilmington Art Association. Her work can be found in many corporate and private collections throughout the world.
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Kay Chorao received a BA in art history from Wheaton College and did graduate study at The Chelsea School of Art in London. Later, she studied book illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She has illustrated over one hundred books, many self-written, and her illustrations have been exhibited by the American Institute of Graphic Arts and the Society of Illustrators, and she was twice a recipient of the Christopher Award. Peconic Bay Originals is proud to be a licensee of Kay Chorao’s Art.


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David Scheirer is a painter and illustrator, currently living on a small farm in Woodbine, Maryland. He specializes in watercolors and is known for his detailed paintings of birds, shells, plants, and other subjects from nature. His paintings strike a balance between realism and the expressive fluidity of watercolors. He enjoys spending time exploring outdoors, bird watching, collecting fossils, and beach combing - all of which inspires his artwork.
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JoAnn Case-Nichols is known for her crisp, clean lines and the strong sense of color she brings to her paintings. She captures a precision with her watercolors and pastels that is difficult to achieve. JoAnn attended Pratt Institute in New York, where she majored in Art and Architecture. Because of her background, she is able to capture the essence of architectural landmarks and translate the three-dimensionality of buildings into beautiful two- dimensional compositions. JoAnn’s work has appeared in numerous publications and exhibits.
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Lorrinda Benavides is a self-taught artist, who found her true calling in expressing her passion through photo realistic drawings and watercolor illustrations. She calls Eau Claire, Wisconsin her home. Trying to "Fool the eye" by working on the photo realistic aspect of her art, she started to experiment with colored pencils back in the late 80's. She now exclusively uses a combination of Prismacolor colored pencils and smooth Bristol paper, achieving incredible results in details and layers. Her talent for life-like wildlife illustrations and uber-detailed food images has let to numerous art commissions in the U.S and overseas.


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