Peconic Bay Originals
Giclée fine art prints are extremely high-quality prints that are frequently found in museums and art galleries. At Peconic Bay Originals, we use the giclée printing process to create all of our fine art cards and prints. It is the most sophisticated printing process available today. Using giclée printing, we are able to create incredibly detailed prints that are often indistinguishable from the original work of art. Giclée, which is pronounced jee-CLAY or zhee-CLAY, is derived from the French word gicler, which means “to squirt”. The name is appropriate because the prints are made using professional printers that squirt millions of minute dots of ink onto fine art paper.  For decades, the most common form of art reproduction has been four-color offset printing, which is a type of lithography. Retailers that sell posters and prints today typically are selling offset prints. Giclée printing is superior to offset printing because the color range and resolution are both better. First, giclée printers use a greater number of ink colors, so there is a much wider range of colors that can be achieved than through four-color printing. Also, the pigments in the ink used by giclée printers have more brilliance. This leads to greater color accuracy between the original artwork and the fine art print. As a result, a giclée fine art print can capture the subtle tonalities of the original work of art. In addition, the resolution of the giclée art prints is better because giclée printers are capable of printing a greater number of dots per square inch. At Peconic Bay Originals, we use the finest giclée printers to print our products. Our printers have thousands of printing nozzles that spray tiny droplets of ink that are a few picoliters in size. A picoliter is a trillionth of a liter, so the droplets really are microscopic! When magnified, there is no visible ink dot pattern on a giclée print, the way there is with an offset print.  This creates fine art prints with more detail and accuracy. Giclée brings fine art reproduction to a new level of quality and precision. The advantages of giclée printing are magnified when archival-quality inks and papers are used. At Peconic Bay Originals, we use exceptional quality inks and papers in our product line. This ensures that every product you buy from us has the most vibrant colors possible, and will maintain that level of beauty for decades to come.


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